Dreamz Infra Customers: from feelings to words through reviews

customer reviews

Stands for Innovation and yes, stands for realizing every single soul’s dream of owning a home!! – Dreamz Infra Pvt. Ltd. is overwhelmed to share this space with the readers and well-wishers by highlighting its recent client reviews. This month has been quite eventful and rewarding with respect to client responses, especially our CRM department witnessing positive acknowledgements from our contented customers.

We are extremely obliged to see our inboxes getting drenched by the raining feedbacks and delightfully quote a few in verbatim. A heartfelt thanks goes out to Mr. Vasudev Rao, who has expressed his satisfaction with steady progress of construction works at the premises of SAAKAR, just within 3 months of booking his dream abode.

Our project SATSANGH has also been applauded by Mr. Dasaradhi Gajula, who happy to support his parents by gifting them a brand new shelter and cordially thanks Dreamz for the hospitality, presentation, venue location and brand quality.

Dreamz SUMADHUR bagged in a note of praise from Mr. Dinesh Kumar M who claims to be impressed with the project’s economic pricing, painting patterns and interior decorations.

However, Dreamz SAHAVAS has managed to pull in more votes from Mrs. Usha Jayakumar, who has cheered its secluded venue selection amidst the nature yet the swift connectivity to workplace within the city hustle. Mrs. Jayakumar emphasizes, “Coming to the Sales team – very helpful, they take utmost interest in helping us choose the best place possible by taking us to the site directly to get the feel of the place. Making payments and booking the place is also very very easy. They help you with feasible options of payment and also give you time to arrange the payments.”

Mr. Nagesh Puranik, the owner of his Dreamz SAHAVAS home, narrates his story of booking the flat in Pre-Launch offer (Home Mela), his post- investment confidence boosting up with project start followed by expected BMRDA approval, supported by timely CRM updates. Mr. Puranik appreciates the Dreamz plan of tying-up with German-based consultant to implement innovative technologies in the sector and bring down the span of construction by 20-30%.

The last quote of the day was overloaded with genuine remarks for SAHAVAS from Mr. Sujay N S, the 23 year old Software Engineer at Continental Automotive, Bangalore. The advertisement on TOI had triggered the early bird’s dreamed of owning a house. The Sales team’s demonstration of this economic affordability, convinced Sujay’s dilemma of sufficing the price at this nascent stage of his career. Dreamz, by the virtue of its in-house civil team, legal team, land acquisition team and construction team has achieved the milestone multiple start-up projects, maintaining brand quality with good grade sanitary wares, vitrified tiles, height adjustable kitchens, and safety concerns. He added on about his satisfaction with the promised amenities and sales agreement documents.

Dreamz is delighted to voice out its gratitude to all its customers for having faith and showing support in its initial growth stages. We will continue to celebrate the success of our partnership and commitment to cheer forthcoming developments. We look forward to further strengthening of infrastructure with the help of your insights.!!!!


26 thoughts on “Dreamz Infra Customers: from feelings to words through reviews

  1. I have a good experience with Dreamz. They guided me during the purchase of flat. I received documents on time. I am glad that I will get my dream home soon in Sneh project.

  2. We have thoroughly enjoyed our interaction with them and will recommend them to our own clients and friends.

  3. we would definitely recommend them to people who are looking to build their first, second or third dream home.

  4. We would like to take this opportunity to thank for their efforts to make this transaction as smooth as it possibly could. Thank you!

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