Reviewed Akrama-Sakrama to be a reality soon – Bangalore

akrama-sakrama bangaloreAkrama-Sakrama – The term could be a jargon for many of you. As it closely inches towards been a reality after a prolonged delay of over 3 years. Akrama-Sakrama ( is a scheme for regularizing building bye-law violations), This controversial bill finally gets a nod of acceptance from the governor with few restrictions of course.

The transport minister informed the reporters “Since the governor as given the node over the bill with few restrictions, further we would seek for legal suggestions before it goes into the assembly via constituting a committee to draft the Bill”.

The minister was hesitant giving out more information about the restrictions bound with the governors node. He said only after government frames rule all the details would be available. Adding further he pointed out “The rules framed would mostly benefit the poor and middle class people, cutting short the real estate mafia to clinch the benefit.

As political parties are gearing up for the lok Sabha Polls, This could turn out to be sort of victory for the congress government.

The Akrama-Sakrama Bill also had seen light during the BJP Government tenure with a step further it also got passed in the legislature, but it faced rejection from the governor citing varied reasons. The governor did try to implement it through the ordinance route with a revised scheme, it couldn’t taste success.

5 thoughts on “Reviewed Akrama-Sakrama to be a reality soon – Bangalore

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