About Consumer Complaint Forum

Consumer Complaint forum blog  – is a discussion forum where all property owners, property buyers will share their experience

Also it is a open forum to discuss about anything and everything on property reviews, complaints, reviews and scams if any.

consumer complaints

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4 thoughts on “About Consumer Complaint Forum

  1. Hi Dreamz Team,

    First and foremost: nice work on the Dreamz infra review blog. The specificity of the tips you provide is awesome! We’ve literally been reviewing hundreds of real estate blogs, and we hand-picked yours as one that we thought would be a perfect fit with what we’re doing.

    You can rest assured that I’m not here to ask you to review our latest innovation in gluten-free energy bars or wipe-warming technology. (We actually don’t even make those things.)

    What we do is make Haiku Deck, a new free app that makes it incredibly easy to illustrate a blog post with style. Images are one of the best ways to engage readers, and with Haiku Deck you can create killer slideshows like this one I put together in under 30 minutes.

    Would you be game for giving the app a try on your blog, and letting us know what you think? We’d be honored to have you as part of our creative community, and we’d truly value your feedback.

    I can get you started with everything you need, and set you up with a premium theme – just let me know if I can count you in. You can reply directly to me or sign up for our blog club here (it’ll take less time than picking a karaoke song, I promise).

    Thanks a bunch,

    Erin Michael Vondrak
    Community Manager at Haiku Deck
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    • Consumer reviews is not a reliable forum for reviews. I observed that for every product and for every company they are having the negative feedback in the consumer complaints forum. They are mostly concentrating on the builders and ruining the builder damage and asking the builder for money to delete all the reviews. This website is only to earn money for the admins not for the public to share their thoughts.

  2. In my personal thought be far away from the reviews on any product or company. As it will take hardly 5 minutes to post a complaint or a good feedback on any thing. Whether it is mouthshut or cosumer complaints. Our personal investigation only will bring back the ood results instead of this. Be practical, competators can ruin the company in online so easily, that’s why they choose thiis media.

  3. Real Estate work is not easy to get command on it, as per my experience Dreamz Infra builders are doing their best, they are providing great amenities into less cost, providing great place and peaceful environment. That is the reason of more customer are buying flats from Dreamz Infra builders.

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